Pigeonholing is an acquired attitude. Endorsed and practised by both male and female samples of our species , that have exceeded their 40th birthday.

Having amassed vast knowledge and expertise , they tend to consider themselves masters in psychology and the”Human genre”. Which belief drives them to sort out people according to inherent traits. However, their ‘science’ is far from valid.

Pigeonholers are usually male- though female examples occur – remorseful, well-educated, selfish ( tending to narcissism) , specimens of humanity. They have a well grounded theory on human nature and translate every action to fall into their pre-ordained categories. They refuse to actually see and understand otherwise. They do not believe in random coincidence.

Pigeonholers are convinced they possess the supreme knowledge on the Human Being! A fact which is far from true since they cannot even analyse themselves. If they could, they would have acquired serenity and stopped being preoccupied with others.

Solitude has become their soulmate. They tend to gain a fleeting enthusiasm and interest and sometimes even awe on the part of their peers. Fleeting indeed, when one realises the sterility of their nature.
Pigeonholers believe they know it All…
Far from it! They are acquainted with just the limited space in which they usually throw human qualities.
Their perception is as small as a pigeon’s little hole, there, where their nest lies.