My name is Rena (short for Irene in greek) and I’m Greek. I work as an english teacher, actually a private tutor and that is how I make a living. Being a mother of three I have just a little free time. I would describe myself as a “reader”. It was this love for reading that led me to writing and eventually to publishing. I write poetry and stories. I tend to think of my works as pieces and fragments of dreams that have once visited me and stayed with me ever since.

I have published two poetry collections and I’m currently writing a novel. My favorite theme is “Love”and “People”. Writing is like travelling around in space for me. That is why I keep writing. Actually, I can’t breathe unless I write. I created this blog because I wanted to expand my travelling experiences and meet new travellers like myself.

I hope you find my thoughts interesting. I hope my “words” will speak to your hearts.I hope to make new friends.

Rena Gerou {experimenting poet but basically traveller on words}