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About Love

So sorry! I don't belong in this era, I suppose. I differ in views and attitudes. My idea of love ain't lyrics of songs and catchy jingles. Definitely not facebook statuses. They all seem like bait to me. As soon... Continue Reading →


Η Ζωή μας, διήγημα της Ρένας Γέρου

The God in me

a random kiss a sip of fine coffee the flower left in a glass a baby's smile the touch of love as it caresses you with a glimpse all are enough to save you from mediocrity open the door to... Continue Reading →

I… am

Then Time said: "I'm on your side" and I trusted. My friends said: "Don't stop! We 're here for you" and I was soothed. The moment came. Time elapsed friends left. Alone I stood I fought. I lived and died... Continue Reading →


Happiness is just one more ride Away. Photo shot by: Rafaella Chatzikonstantinos "Kria" in Levadia Greece


Κι όμως το "μαζί" δεν θεωρείται πλέον απαραίτητο. Και το "τώρα" φαντάζει πιο σημαντικό. Δεν καταλαβαίνω. Δεν μπορώ. Ζω μια ζωή σε απόσταση από τους άλλους. Είμαι μ' εκείνους που δεν τα βρήκαν εύκολα. Που χρειάστηκε να παλέψουν για το... Continue Reading →


Unheard the cries of passion surging relentlessly combating with loneliness destroying all endings new beginnings begetting. Laments and sweat and tears anew. I am I breathe I love I lose Am lost and always alone I stand. Photo shot by... Continue Reading →


Houses randomly climbing hillslopes manmade and still feasting on sunlight. Sea breeze caressing cypress tops Life and living eternal, unstoppable of love and need blended and made. Nature moving about, forward, alone regardless of doings and deeds. All we are... Continue Reading →

Where do words go

Where do words go when in vain spoken? All those redundant words? Useless, used and forlorn? They become flowers and songs; poems of pure souls. They station themselves on children's lips and in the looks of strange people. They become... Continue Reading →

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